My dear friend and music colleague Dr. Joan Cartwright of Women In Jazz South Florida presented a friendly challenge to me to write a blues song. (I think she triple dog-dared me). 

Of course, she knows that I am not really a fan of singing and writing about the blues, I am a jazz aficionado through and through, but I respectfully answered Dr. Joan’s challenge with my newly released single (11/5/2021), “My Memory Foam Mattress (Don’t Remember Me)”. 

Many, many thanks to my friend Marty Gilman for accompanying me on sax and the Hammond B-3 organ! And many thanks to Dr. Joan for the challenge. 

Many thanks also to my friend Jose Roman Duque for helping me set up my home recording studio (Sweet Serenity Records), which I used to record My Memory Foam Mattress 

Please enjoy!


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