my testimony


Although, my joy for singing was since I could remember as a child, I did not start singing professionally until later in life.  I came from a family of musicians and the church in which I grew up still to this day have musically gifted artists.  Some of them are Grammy winners.  Even with such a backing, my shyness prevented me from singing in public.

After a career with the federal government as a mechanical engineering technician, a process engineer with a major chemical company, and  as a professional interior designer, I decided to pursue my passion for singing as a profession.  My husband, friends, and music acquaintances provided me great encouragement to go after my dreams and share my gift with the world.

My singing career started out as a "hobby", for the most part, while I continued my day job as an interior designer.  This went on for several years until one life changing battle put things in perspective for me.

In September of 2012, I began to experience numbness and tingling in my extremities, along with other symptoms that I could not explain.  Then one day, after working out, I fainted, which I have never done before.  At this time, my husband strongly suggested that I go to the hospital.  After three days, my doctors diagnosed me with a brain tumor.  Although it was benign, the size of it posed an imminent threat to some very important functions and most of all, my carotid artery.  Although I went on to have surgery and radiation to reduce it, the doctors could not remove it all and they told my husband I could die at any second or suffer a stroke.  I had quite a physical and spiritual battle during this time.  My hearing was severely affected to the point where I could not stand to hear noises let alone sit and listen to music.  When I went to Sunday service at my church, I had to wait in the car or in the lobby until the worship service was done.  I also had loud ringing in my ears from which I would cry myself to sleep over it. My throat was affected as well.  These were some of the many symptoms that I suffered, including depression. The doctors could not explain any of it.  The results of my Google search of my symptoms suggested that I would have to deal with these symptoms for the rest of life, however long or short my life would be.

Through many prayers from my family and friends, my church in Florida and the church that I grew up in Ecorse, Michigan, I was able to overcome and heal not just in body, but in mind and spirit as well. 

Eventually, I started back singing but this time with a life purpose.  To show God's (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) light and how He performs miracles.  I'm not His first miracle and I'm definitely not His last. 

After my recovery from surgery and radiation, I started back singing in a restaurant after the owner contacted me and said that he saw me at a jam session a few years back.  While performing at the restaurant as a duo with a keyboardist, I prayed that I would go on to perform in concert settings and with full jazz bands.  I even named all the instruments that I wanted performing with me, which God provided me with.  I have gone on to meet and work with many highly  acclaimed jazz musicians and perform in venues around the world.  I produce and perform  world concert tours, including a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald titled A'LA ELLA!.  I perform at venues worldwide where I perform to sold out, standing room only audiences, including Royal Albert Hall in London, England, as well as in Berlin, Germany and Cape Town, South Africa and Belgium. I also produce my own jazz festival, Palm Beach International Jazz Festival.

So you see, miracles do happen!  I sometimes have to remind myself of this when problems in life try to knock at my door.  It is my mission to to share my story with my audience to give them encouragement and inspiration.   I hope that my story provides you with encouragement and inspiration as well, because if my Heavenly Father did it for me He can do for you whatever you may be in need of.  

Be blessed!