In 2012, I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor.  After I had surgery and radiation to shrink/remove it, my doctors told me that they could not remove it all.  Due to the size and location of the remaining part of the tumor, they told me that they did not expect me to live for very long.  Fortunately, I am still here and have turned my hobby of singing jazz into a career and a passion.  

After my recovery, I began to sign at gigs again.  I made many attempts to get a booking agent and I also tried to get myself booked at jazz festivals around the world.  Of course, without a booking agent, it was nearly impossible for me to get booked at any festival.  One day, I decided that if the door didn't open for me, I would create my own door and open it for myself and others.  So I started my own jazz festival! 

In 2018, I founded the Palm Beach International Jazz Festival Organization, LLC.  My mission and goal for the Palm Beach International Jazz Festival is to present highly acclaimed jazz artists from around the world and south Florida in a live concert setting in Palm Beach County.  Many of the musicians who perform at the festival have never performed in a jazz festival before with their own band, although they have performed with world-renowned bands and musicians.  Each year, the Palm Beach International Jazz Festival hires over 30 musicians, in addition to technical and front-of-house staff during the one-day event.  This year's festival will be in joint celebration of UNESCO's International Jazz Day which is chaired by jazz great Herbie Hancock.  The 3rd annual Palm Beach International Jazz Festival was held on April 24, 2021 at the Raymond F. Kravis Center - Rinker Playhouse. 

The Palm Beach International Jazz Festival - 

A grand celebration of the great American music genre – JAZZ!