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Jazz Vespers

Yvette Norwood-Tiger Presents Jazz Vespers

Jazz Vespers, which combines the best of both a unique and meditative evening worship service in a beautiful, candlelit sanctuary, that features prayer and reflection with the medium of jazz music. Jazz music aids in uplifting, inspiring and healing the mind and spirit of the listener.


“Like the lyrics of biblical psalms and songs, jazz music can express an astonishing variety of human emotions. Within the song of Isaiah, we hear sounds of joy and cries for help, labor pains and peaceful silence, the thunder of praise and the screams of fury. All of these sounds are appropriately human, and appropriately offered to God. So it is with jazz. A jazz quartet can utter things in the presence of God that mere words cannot say. A saxophone can lament on behalf of the helpless. A piano may offer intercessions for the needy. A string bass can affirm the firm foundation of faith. Drums and cymbals may call pilgrims to break into joy. . . . Sometimes the music can speak for us in the fullness of human expression.” (Faith in a New Key 3) – Rev. Bill Carter.


Yvette Norwood-Tiger, a professional traditional jazz vocalist and praise team member, lends her vocals, featured along with her trio of keyboard, drums, and upright bass, to give your congregation soothing renditions of Christian, spiritual, and love-inspired traditional jazz standards. The reflection in music is accompanied by the reading of Psalms and prayers of thanksgiving and praises to our God.


We would love to present this worship service to your congregation. Contact us for more information on hosting a community jazz vespers service at your place of worship. Thank you and God bless! Contact: Stephen Tiger (732) 213-1098 Email:


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